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Robert Jeffress: Leading Your People During Controversial Times

Dr. Robert Jeffress is a pastor, Bible teach, author, and radio and television host of Pathway to Victory. His recent book Not All Roads Lead to Heaven addresses key issues in our world today. Dr. Jeffress shared some key thoughts on this book, and imparted wisdom as to how to lead well through controversial times.

Key Questions:

What are important ways that leaders need to be prepared to lead, especially when there are controversies everywhere?

How do you protect your sheep when there are so many voices speaking into their lives?

What are a few topics you feel pastors today might be de-emphasizing that we need to return to and start teaching again?

How do you speak to your people about tough topics like radical Islam, ISIS?

Key Quotes:

“I think perhaps the greatest influence we have as pastors is with our own congregation because they are being assaulted at the workplace, in school as students, in their neighborhoods, on the school board, everywhere with non-Christian ideas. We’ve got to give them the ammunition they need, not only to solidify their own beliefs personally, but to be able to share those beliefs with others and be the salt that Jesus commanded us to be in Matthew 5:13.”

“Preaching has fallen on hard times. People in many churches today see that as a necessary evil. The most effective outreach and ministry the pastor has is the pulpit to preach the word to equip his people in turn to embrace and to share truth with others as well.”

“I believe we are told to teach the truth, not because we hate people but because we want to love people and show them God’s way.”

“There are a few reports that just came out showing that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Twenty-three percent of the world is Muslim right now, but by the end of the century there will be more Muslims than Christians. What should be our response to that? As individual Christians, our response is, ‘Hey, this is a great reason for us to share the gospel with as many Muslims as we can.’”

“I think the dividing line between believers and unbelievers is becoming more sharply defined right now, and it provides a great opportunity. But I would just say to all those that are involved in ministry, the greatest danger I see today is the danger of underplaying and really not understanding the power from ministry is in the word of God.”

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