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Perry Noble on Overcoming Leadership Challenges—Politics, Pornography, and Depression

Perry Noble is a pastor at NewSpring Church. He shared his very real story of overcoming anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts in his book and sermon series “Overwhelmed.” The self-proclaimed “Bible Guy” shared with us key thoughts on how pastors can lead well through this political season and lead with vulnerability on sensitive topics like anxiety, worry, and addiction to pornography.

Key Questions:

How do you lead your people well through politics?

What is the potential problem when pastors endorse a political candidate?

Tell us about your battle with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

How do you lead people through these very real struggles?

Key Quotes:

“I’ve told our church one thing the Democrats and Republicans all have in common is they’ve disappointed us all. Don’t put your hope in a political party, put your hope in Jesus, but be involved.”

“I think that at the end of the day, if we use our platform to endorse a party or a candidate, that’s for me, taking the attention off of Jesus and putting your hope into a policy or a party.”

“We didn’t expect anybody to respond to the invitation. If you respond to the invitation [to repent] on pornography, everybody knows what you’re doing, but floods and floods of people, men and women, were going ‘I want to be set free.’ And the number one reason they said they responded was ‘He said he did it. He was transparent.’ And the transparency allowed them to say, ‘Okay, if he battled with that and he won, then I can battle with it and win too, so I want to know how to do that.’”

“I wanted to acknowledge that worry is a legitimate thing. As Christians, we love to sanitize things and put Bible verses on stuff. But there’s some stuff that I could give you a Bible verse, but that just sucks. And being that real and authentic is like telling people, ‘Hey, you deal with anxiety? I deal with anxiety. You deal with worry? I deal with worry? You deal with fear and uncertainty? I deal with that. Let me just tell you things I’m doing, not just things I’ve done, that’s helping me in that battle currently.’”

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