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Matt Brown: Are We on the Brink of Revival?

Matt Brown believes we’re on the brink of revival.

Matt Brown is an evangelist, author, and founder of Think Eternity. He and his wife Michelle are impacting thousands of people with the gospel each year through live events and online. Their ministry work has taken them to the ends of the earth, and thousands of people have trusted in Christ as a result of their ministry. They also minister to more than half million followers on social media daily. Matt is the author of Awakening.

Key Questions:

Tell us about some of the incredible moves of God you’ve seen around the world.

What does revival look like to you?

How can we be a part of and respond to the revival that is happening around the world?

How is social media changing the way we can do evangelism today?

How can someone who hasn’t used social media much in their ministry get started?

Key Quotes:

“It’s so easy for believers to generalize the church or to assume that nothing is happening, when really, there’s so much more happening than we could ever wrap our minds around.”

“Really, what we’re [seeking] when we are praying for and desiring revivals, is that God would work in us and through us and through the church to go back to that early church model of seeing people coming to Christ on a regular basis.”

“Today, one in three…claim adherence to Christ across our global community. So we live in this epic time where…there are more people…who claim Jesus as their savior or as their lord, than there ever has been probably at any point in history.”

“We’ve got to stop generalizing the work of God…We’ve got to be careful about saying, “All Christians are like this. All churches are like this. All churches struggle with this.”

“We need to not hear stories about what God is doing as if it’s competition for us. We need to hear it as if it’s our team that just won. We’re on the same team, representing Christ, lifting up Jesus.”

“Social media serves as a way into people’s spaces that maybe they don’t normally bring to church.”

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