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Caesar Kalinowski: Living Out the Mission of God Right Where We Are

Caesar Kalinowski: Living Out the Mission of God Right Where We Are

Caesar is the author of The Gospel Primer, Transformed, and Small is Big, Slow is Fast. He is one of founding leaders of Soma Communities and currently serves as the Director of the GCM Collective, an organization that helps catalyze missional community multiplication across North America and around the world. His background includes communications for Fortune 500 companies, media production, working with youth, and extensive travel in international missions. He has worked in over 20 countries around the world including Sierra Leone, Sudan, Burma, India, Latvia, Norway, Romania and the Czech Republic.

Key Questions:

What is a missional community and how is it different from a traditional church?

What advice can you give someone serving in a more traditional church to help them move their congregation to be more missional?

If God called you back into a megachurch, what kind of things would you spend your first year there doing?

What is one simple step people can make to reach the people in their neighborhoods?

Key Quotes:

“To be a missional community or to be a missional church or a missional people is to be a people that have their lives radically reoriented around the mission of making disciples.”

“He’s a missionary—God—and we were created in His image. That makes us missionary people with Christ.”

“I don’t think we’ve [the Church] necessarily done a killer job of making disciples and making that the focal point in the last 100 years or so.”

“If we’re in Christ, we’re all missionaries and that the missions is, ‘Make disciples.'”

“Discipleship is the process of moving from unbelief to belief in absolutely every area of life.”

“Most Christians have never made a disciple. Most have never been discipled, I fear.”

“I tell you, there’s nothing more beautiful when ‘mature’ saints or senior leaders live in normal community and submit as a saint, as a brother or sister, just like everyone else.”

“I don’t want…any of my brothers and sisters who are in ministry full-time…doing their very, very best efforts in the flesh and it’s all filthy rags…when it’s all counted.”

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