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David Eaton: Translating Youth Culture to Help Parents in the Church

David Eaton is the founder and CEO of Axis, an organization committed to resourcing parents to be able to disciple their children in the midst of our culture. David’s passion is to see the good news about Jesus transform students, families, culture, and the beautiful-but-broken world that we live in! As CEO, he spends time collaborating with the Axis team, sharing our vision with generous friends of Axis, creating content that always surprises and intrigues, and answering email! David received his degree in engineering from LeTourneau University, where he served as Student Body President. He has spent a total of 10 months in 17 foreign countries. David loves his wonderfully creative wife Lindsey and their darling daughter Shiloh Abigail.

Key Questions:

What are the unique faith struggles you see teenagers experiencing?

How can parents and leaders use technology to facilitate healthy, in-person relationships?

How can senior pastors be a part of the ministry to the youth?

What role can grandparents play in discipling the younger generation?

What is one simple step people can make to reach the people in their neighborhoods?

Key Quotes:

“You can’t outsource parents. You have to resource parents.”

“As much as a youth pastor or family pastor loves these kids, there’s no one who loves them more than their parents, and there’s no one who spends more time with them than their parents.”

“Oftentimes, the gospel we give [young people] doesn’t have a mission. It doesn’t have a mission for this world that is life-giving, that is bigger than just the truth.”

“When do we start owning technology and stop letting it own us?”

“Narcissism is actually on the rise, where we love ourselves more, and empathy is on the decline.”

“I wanted to see students stop renting their faith from their parents. I wanted to see them make a down payment.”

“We are more connected than ever before but we’re more lonely than ever before.”

“I don’t think technology is neutral. I think it is very good but cursed.”

“I would save the princess a thousand times in the video game, but am I capable of asking a girl out or treating her with respect or just making eye contact with her in the real world? Well, video games aren’t going to challenge that.”

“The church needs to be interconnected, inter-generational. We need the wisdom of the older generation and the wonder of the younger generation.”

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