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Jeff Vanderstelt: Leading People to Submit All of Life to the Lordship of Christ

As the visionary leader of Saturate, Jeff gets to spend his time doing what he loves—training disciples of Jesus to make more disciples of Jesus. With great joy and mirth, Jeff leads the Saturate team (picture hands moving furiously across a white board), travels nationally and globally equipping others to do the work of the ministry, and writing (Saturate, Saturate Field Guide, and Fluent (Spring of 2017)). Jeff also leads the Soma Family of Churches and is the teaching pastor at Doxa Church in Bellevue, WA. He and Jayne, his wife of 22 years, have three children: Haylee, Caleb, and Maggie.

Key Questions:

Why is discipleship important?

Where are we missing what God’s trying to do in our approach to discipleship?

How can we shift from the traditional one-on-one type of discipleship into a communal type?

A lot of churches are concerned with being relevant. How might we need to redefine relevance?

Key Quotes:

“What might it look like if we really, really embraced this idea of an all of life discipleship, an all of life worship, an all of life kind of glorifying God approach?”

“Discipleship…is leading people to increasingly submit all of life to the empowering presence and Lordship of Christ.”

“That’s the beauty of the commission is he calls us to make disciples and he knows that we can’t do it apart from him, and so it leads us actually to dependency on Christ.”

“[Jesus] promised us that we would suffer, that we would lose, that there’d be things we have to give up, but oftentimes we don’t slow down and mourn, and therefore we don’t experience the comfort that he promised he would give when we mourn.”

“What we tell the world is, ‘Hey, Jesus is good news for your afterlife, but you don’t want to really find him for your present life because we don’t even know how to love each other well.'”

“Your horizontal relationships are directly connected to your vertical relation with God.”

“Relevance is, ‘How do I bring the truths of God expressed through Jesus to these people in a way that will be good news to them?’”

“If you compromise the truths of God to get [people] to come to God, then you’ve brought them to the wrong God and that didn’t change anything.”

“Not everybody’s gifted as a leader, but I am convinced that everybody is called to discipleship.”

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