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Best of ChurchLeaders: Christine Caine on How God Is Preparing You for Something He’s Already Prepared for You

“We end up being disappointed with God because we expect from God what he never promised.”

“We are nowhere near as ready for the things that we think we’re ready for. So God has to prepare us for the thing he has already prepared for us.”

“It’s very challenging to remain thick-skinned and tenderhearted.”

“If we aren’t careful in those times [of disappointment] we can harden our heart and get stuck.”

“I think so many of us ministry leaders get derailed because of just the betrayal and disappointment of doing life with people.”

“It is a daily decision to remain tenderhearted and allow people into your life.”

“Some things I just have to start out doing afraid until I’m no longer afraid of doing it.”

“Our trust of God grows and our need of control lessens the longer we are in relationship with God.”

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