Luis Palau: Never Forget How Grand Your Calling Is

“We’re not just wasting time giving another sermon. We are influencing people.”

“It’s my greatest passion to say to pastors, ‘You were called by God Himself to be His spokesman.’”

“You can’t do it alone. Even the Lord Jesus, the Son of God, chose twelve.”

“If you have 200 people in your congregation, that’s mass evangelism.”

“If you don’t respect the pastor and his family and the leaders of the local church, you don’t belong preaching the gospel no matter how much gift you have…A true-blue mass evangelist has to do it with, through, and for the local church.”

“The church is not something I belong to; the church is who I am.”

“When an evangelist comes to town, he should gather God’s servants and say, ‘Let’s do it together.’”

“[When it comes to working with pastors in a town], on secondary issues we agreed to disagree, but on the fundamental truths of scripture, we are one. And that’s what you unite around.”

“This generation in particular is very anti-sectarian…there’s a sense of wanting to be together, and I think it’s a great moment for believers to insist on that.”

“Years later, we would get letters from leaders saying, ‘Man, when [your ministry] came, the barriers came down. We really loved one another.’”

“2 Corinthians to me is an epistle that particularly applies to all of us who are in vocational Christian service.”

“Don’t be discouraged in trying to persuade people about the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“The simpler we can present the Good News, I think the more we will see men and women giving their lives to Christ.”

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