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Jimmy Dodd: This Is Why Pastors Need to Have Healthy Boundaries

“We need to have a massive dependence on the Spirit.”

“I believe that God wants us to have a life that’s actually balanced.”

“Your family is your primary ministry.”

“[To draw healthy boundaries], you have to have a champion in your life.”

“Restoring a pastor to his role works about half the time, and half the time it’s a big, big failure.”

“We have got pastors now that are extremely engaged with us…and they’re there because they were bullies, and we have to talk about what it means to be a nice person.”

“I believe that it’s so important that we be involved in restoration and show grace because everybody in the church thinks, ok, I’ve got sin in my life, and how’s the church going to deal with me when my stuff is exposed…but you cannot be dismissive of sin.”

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