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Dave Willis: Jesus Shows Us How to Respect Women in a Culture of Disrespect

“True masculinity is not a threat to women. True masculinity, when embodied by men of integrity, is a gift to women.”

“The truth is, [the church] still has the solution.”

“If we’re not willing to have the courage to step into the conversation, then nothing is going to improve.”

“I believe that the real change isn’t about what happens in the White House; it’s about what happens in your house and my house. 

“Real world change starts with heart change.”

“I think we need to be sensitive to the fact that there are many, many people out there who have been deeply wounded in ways that through our personal experience we might not be able to directly relate to.”          

“One simple way that all of us could be a lot more effective in these conversations is to simply take the time to listen.” 

“Our credibility doesn’t come from eloquence. Our credibility comes from authenticity and our credibility comes from sincerity and the humility to say, you know, ‘I’m here to serve. I’m here as God’s servant, and I just want to point people to Him because He’s the one that can heal.’”

“I don’t think on this side of heaven that there are any wounds deeper than the wounds of sexual abuse and the wounds of disrespect, whether it’s sexual or otherwise, that happen from those who are in positions of authority.”

“That’s our primary objective, is just to love like Jesus.”

“When [masculinity and femininity are] done right, there’s such a beautiful complementary grace that happens in marriage and between men and between women in a way that we miss completely when we all try to say we’re all the same.”

“We can’t define our gender the way that culture says that we can, but in the same way, we don’t have to let gender define us the way that some with a really rigid mindset believe that it does.”

“We have to be leaders in this area because those who are currently leading the conversation are just leading it into greater division and confusion, so it’s the church that’s going to have to step up and say, we’ve got to reclaim the truth here.” 

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