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Dave Vance: If You Want to Reach Your City, You Need to Know Its True Needs

“As a church, we are going to be cultural architects. We are going to begin to minimize the distance between the church and culture, and actually we’re going to enter the needs and be a part of the needs. And one of the ways we did that was through a downtown urban center.”

“The decision to go in that approach of “missional” certainly had a domino effect to staffing. Things that we thought were of utmost importance, now we had to say these actually aren’t the important things.”

“One of the reasons a financial campaign was a part of this was we wanted people to feel ownership…The trickle effect of that was, it changed our budget greatly.”

“We went out and we talked to people. What are the needs? What’s going on? What do you see? If we could help you with anything, what would it be?”

“Just by asking questions, we found out that people didn’t feel like there was some educational opportunities for their kids after school. There was certainly education. But what if they were falling behind? Who could help them get back?”

“If you can find one answer to a question in your community, you can actually engage the need of your community.”

“What we assumed was the need [in our community] actually wasn’t the need…I would guess in every community we would make assumptions about our community until we actually ask the questions that give us the answers that we’re looking for.”

“If every church found one hole and filled it, it would change our cities. It doesn’t matter what size you are.”

“I would argue that the reason we are fast-growing is because of these steps we’ve taken. It has stirred a missional heart in our church to impact our community. As a result, our community knows that we love them.”

“We’re becoming a catalyst of helping our city become the best it can be.”

“We’ve actually found the more we engage the community, the more people want to be a part of our church.”

“I believe if you touch the need of your community, you’re touching a bit of the heartbeat of God, and it will stir the heart of your people.”

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