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Leonard Sweet on the Shift We Must Make to Point People to Jesus

“God is calling us to the future, to join us where he already is working.”

“It’s easy to take a stand. It’s hard to take a hike. It’s easy to stand against people. It’s hard to walk alongside them.”

“We have churches now more segregated by party than we do by race.”

“In the kingdom of heaven, we’re going to have generals and pacifists worshiping God in the same pew. We’re going to have Republicans and Democrats worshiping God in the same pew.” 

“This is how early Christianity began, is around the table…We’ve got to bring back the table.”

“The key about a meal is the “sobremesa” time, and it’s interesting that it says after the supper was over [Jesus] took the bread, so in some ways, the Last Supper is kind of sobremesa time, and that’s where we’ve got to bring [diverse] people together around the table.”

“Many Christian homes don’t even have a table.”

“This culture is addicted to stories…so our job is to get [the Bible’s] stories in the bloodstream of the public arena, to get the metaphors of who Jesus is and just to provide that kind of framework for the culture.”

“Every church ought to see itself as a global church and to fall in love with its zip code.”

“It’s deeply schizophrenic, this culture.” 

“My theology is getting more complex, but my faith is getting more simple.”

Mentioned in the Show by Leonard Sweet

John 3:16
Matthew 18:3

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