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Brady Boyd on the Need for Us to Turn Outrage into Outreach

“Jesus said something over the church that I think every pastor needs to remember: What God ordains and what God births in the church cannot be taken away from us by an enemy.”

“I’m just calling on pastors and church leaders to turn their outrage into outreach.”

“About 10 years ago, we began asking every community leader that would listen to us…‘Where are the areas of pain in our city that are not being met?’ And it was fascinating that very few people had asked them that question.”

“Our church now has been conditioned by the Holy Spirit to respond to the needs of our city and not be outraged by the brokenness of our city.” 

“Every church, regardless of size, can solve problems in their local community.” 

“I think most of the people in our church are waiting to be challenged to get back to mission.” 

“Every church has the mandate. We all have the same call.”

“Until the two greatest commandments become embodied in your church, the Great Commission won’t even make sense to them.”

“We want to be pro-life in every respect: pro-life with the abortion issue, pro-life with the elderly, pro-life in every sense.”

“When your community begins to see that your church deeply loves the community, it calms down the rhetoric.”

“Love your people, love your community, and then the Great Commission happens naturally.”

“I believe that the church is not called to be Republican or Democrat, I think we’re called to be prophetic.”

“I think one of the biggest challenges pastors have right now is how tribal our churches are becoming, to the expense of the Great Commission.”

“Power corrupts everyone.”

“It’s so discouraging as a pastor to preach your heart out…and not see the immediate change in people’s lives. But…God is doing holy work in sacred places, even when we can’t see it.” 

“I want to encourage every discouraged pastor and preacher that’s listening today, be faithful, preach bold, preach strong and trust that the Holy Spirit is doing great work in hidden places.”

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