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Danielle Strickland: Jesus Is the Healer of Gender Inequality in the Church

“Your prejudice always distorts your perception. The problem is you’re not always aware of your prejudice.”

“It’s especially difficult for male leaders to not fix [a problem], but to just listen well. This is a skill that will really, really serve you.”

“Fear is probably the number one struggle for the church in every change.”

“It’s never about what’s best for us…as soon as we start asking those questions, putting the church at the center instead of the church as a servant…we’re always going to make some poor decisions.”

“I am super hopeful about the church.”

“The single male leader is falling…this model, there’s something wrong with it. It’s not working.”

“God is not alone, he’s not leading alone, leadership’s not lonely. It should be shared.”

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Genesis 1-3

Amplify Peace
Better Together: How Women and Men Can Heal the Divide and Work Together to Transform the Future by Danielle Strickland
Is (Healthy) Cross-Gendered Ministry Even Possible?” by Seth Richardson

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