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Allen White: This Is an Amazing Year for Online Small Groups

“I can kind of see groups and churches growing both ways. The online service can grow the groups, and the online groups can grow the worship service. So it’s a win-win.”

“The great thing about groups is that you just have unlimited diversity as far as what the groups can focus on and what the groups can study. So I am a big fan and advocate on having a group agreement.”

“I think it’s healthy for a group to continue to invite new people.”

“The good thing about having the group agreement is that if someone violates it, it’s not the leader coming down on them. They’re at odds with something they agreed to do.”

“We get stuck on the word ‘leader.’…Do we necessarily need a leader to make disciples? What we know is disciples make disciples.”

“An online service is not the same as streaming your in-person service…If you’re streaming video and you’re not looking at the camera, then it becomes very passive to people who are watching online. But if you have people in the room and you’re looking at the camera and ignoring them, they just think that you want to become the next great TV preacher.”

“How are churches discipling their online followers?”

“Give [online groups] a try…in the environments you’re currently familiar with.”

“This is a time that is wide open for experimentation, and those experiments have produced some pretty amazing things in the church this year.” 

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