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Scot McKnight: How to Be a ‘Tov’ Church, Not a Toxic One

“Empathy and compassion were the essence of Jesus’ ministry. He saw people, he saw the needs of people, he knew the names and the stories, and he reached out to them.” 

“Grace is a transforming power…and it turns us into agents of grace.”

“Do church cultures know grace? If they don’t know grace, we have signs of a toxic culture forming.” 

“Our study of churches showed that ‘loyalty’ was the language game of power-mongering pastors demanding people not to tell the truth, not to tell their story, to accept NDAs, and to promote the church, and to forget their own ‘little quibbles’ and the sins that they’ve seen because they’ll hurt the church.”

“And time after time, we met women who were afraid to come forward because they didn’t want to hurt the church, they didn’t want to hurt the pastor, they didn’t want to hurt the pastor’s family, and they didn’t want to experience public shaming and gaslighting—all covered by loyalty. And that is bad.”

“The ultimate ‘tov’ characteristic is that we are like Christ.”

“We need to root out toxicity by being Christ-like, by listening and by responding in a way that takes into consideration who that person is and what their story is.”

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