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CeCe Winans: This Is How God Led Me and My Husband to Plant a Church

“It seems like when you’re a pastor, Sunday happens three times a week.”

 “As a parent, that’s all you want, is for your children to fall in love with Jesus because you understand that everything else really will work itself out.” 

Pastoral ministry transforms you. Even though I had been in ministry for years, pastoring is just hands on…It’s a level of love for God and love for people that you never experience really outside of that call.”

“If you’re a mom and if you’re a dad, then you have the capacity to understand how to shepherd people.” 

“We had a church full of Millennials, and most of them just needed a great mom and dad.” 

“You have to have enough wisdom to know that even though we [pastors] represent God, we’re not God…You have to have times of rest. You have to understand that you won’t be at everything at every moment, and it’s ok, because you want to lead from a healthy place.”

“Ministry leaders are so important, they’re so valuable. And God is bigger than the challenges that you face. And it’s so important as pastors that we stay in his face. If we stay in Jesus’ face, we’ll have everything that we need to accomplish everything that he wants us to accomplish.”

“We get so busy fathering and mothering our sheep that we forget that God is our father.”

“Don’t let ministry or anything else take the place of your relationship with Jesus.”

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