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Glenn Packiam: The Bible Leaves No Room for Christian Nationalism

“The view that you can be a Christian and a nationalist or hardcore into these beliefs about God favoring one country over another is not sustainable by a close reading of the New Testament.” 

“When you read the New Testament, there’s no room to say that God’s going to privilege one nation state or one ethnic group over another. The representatives of the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven is a Kingdom community called the church.”

“I think, in short, Christian nationalism is the belief that the Christian God is responsible for America’s history, central to America’s identity, and invested in America’s destiny.” 

“I think there’s a difference between wanting Christianity to be a moral influence in America versus wanting Christianity to be a cultural power in America.” 

“Fear is a terrible motivator. Fear has been used to ratchet up Christians and to get us to kind of mobilize because oh my goodness if we don’t, this is going to happen, and this is going to happen. The people of God do not take our marching orders from fear. We take our marching orders from our great Savior.” 

Mentioned in the Show by Glenn Packiam:

Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States,” by Andrew Whitehead and Samuel Perry

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