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Ed Shaw: How God Has Used Same-Sex Attraction to Equip Me As a Pastor

“The New Testament redefines family. It’s not just the nuclear family in the New Testament; it’s your church family.” 

“It’s so important to think about [how we build intimacy]. Because single people collapse because they don’t experience intimacy in any relationships. They feel isolated, alone. But also marriages collapse because they don’t experience any intimacy outside the marriage.”

“So often, we don’t enjoy good, intimate friendships with other people because we’ve never shared anything intimate with them. And what produces healthy intimacy is healthily sharing things.” 

“One of the big questions I’ve often had and I really struggled with in some stages was, ‘Well, why have I got this sexuality? Why do I experience sexual desires? Why do I have this capability to love, yet can’t put it into practice with another man?…When actually just learning that the most fundamental reason that I’m a sexual being, you’re a sexual being, you have powerful sexual desires, I have powerful sexual desires is to help us to grasp, first of all, God’s love for us.”

“My sexuality is there to help me appreciate God’s love for me. When I feel the strength of sexual desire, I’m actually getting just the smallest insight into the strength of God’s love for me.”

Mentioned in the Show by Ed Shaw

1 Corinthians 7:7
2 Corinthians 1
Colossians 1:15
Ezekial 16
Song of Songs

Purposeful Sexuality: A Short Christian Introduction by Ed Shaw

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