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Raymond Chang: Global Christian Persecution Can Help You Understand Racism in America

“If you have justice fatigue, you’re also experiencing a Jesus fatigue because Jesus was the embodiment of perfect justice and through his cross, you saw the ultimate act of justice take place.”

“The ministry of availability is significant…I think there’s also comfort in convening a group together.”

“Knowing that what happens ‘out there’ actually impacts the people within your care is a really important thing to understand. I don’t know if enough people understand it.”

“I grieve whenever I hear that Christians are persecuted around the world. The same thing happens along racial lines. That same sort of collective pain transfers over to the people within your pews and in your congregations.”

“Violence against Asian Americans is not new…one of the largest lynchings in the history of the United States in the late 1800s took place against Chinese people.”

“We have a host of anti-Asian hate that takes place, and it happened even before the pandemic.”

“It becomes very different for our community to seek out mental health. There’s a lot of shame in [Asian Americans] seeking out mental health help because these expectations are compounded.”

“The ‘perpetual foreigner’ stereotype essentially says that no matter how many generations we’re in the United States, we’re never ‘American’ enough. I know Asian Americans that have been here for seven generations and they still get treated as if they are not American…that they are ‘fresh off the boat.’”

“Reach out to people who are from historically marginalized communities and say, ‘What hindered you from fully entering into community here and fully flourishing in this community and then fully being able to worship with us?’”

“One of the things I’m seeing more and more in the research that I’m doing is that the racial environment impacts the spiritual growth.”

“The Kingdom of God is far more expansive than a narrow cultural expression, a narrow racial commitment.”

“If you have no answer for them—which is what a lot of my students are saying, ‘Our churches seem to have zero answers for all of the societal divides that we’re seeing’—then they’re going to look elsewhere for those answers.”

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