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Kara Powell and Brad Griffin: How to Answer the Faith Questions Teens Are Actually Asking

“Adults, this is an opportune time while we’re still navigating the pandemic. Kids are still not as busy. They’re open to new things, new ideas, new experiments. You know, I want every church to think especially about belonging and purpose—how can we bring those two together, bring kids in community together to make a difference in our world? I think those are some of the cutting edges for churches today.”

“That’s what we want church leaders to start thinking: how do I offer God’s truth about identity and purpose? What are people wrestling with when it comes to identity, belonging, purpose? How do we disciple towards Jesus’ best answers for identity, belonging, and purpose?”

“[My husband and I] like to ask this. First of all, what do you now believe about God or life that you think I don’t believe? And then the inverse, what do you no longer believe about God or life that you think I still believe?”

“As much as I said that I’m trying to look at young people through the lens of identity, belonging and purpose, I’m also trying to look at myself through the lens of identity, belonging and purpose and my own journey. And what I find is, if I feel heat about a particular issue, it’s normally because something is being stirred in my own identity, belonging and purpose.”

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