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Sam Rainer: The Number One Rule of Church Revitalization

“What COVID did was it accelerated and exacerbated any problems you had or accelerated and exacerbated any plans you had…But at the same time, your people are more flexible than they’ve ever been.”

“There’s always these moments in world history where everything is different now. That’s always been the case and we’re just in another one of those…you have these culture shifting moments that happen and you have to lead without ignoring them.”

“I believe that change in the church is more possible now than it was two or three years ago.”

“What got them to show up? How many phone calls did you make? Are you following up with the guests? How many guests end up in a new member’s class? That’s a really good question.”

“We have got to get people sharing their faith. We have got to get people out there showing Christ, living Christ, digging into the community, digging into the neighborhood, just knowing your neighbors.”

“We’ve got to get our people equipped in evangelism. We’ve got to equip people in methods of outreach. We’ve got to equip people in hospitality…boy, the church would shine, if we would just show hospitality to the community.”

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