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Glenn Packiam: These Are the Signs That You Are a Resilient Pastor

“We’ve opted for an overly cognitive approach to discipleship when the truth is we’re formed in our emotions, we’re formed in our affections, we’re formed in our habits. And so there’s some practices we’ve got to think carefully about.”

“We have to do the right thing for the right reason. And that’s in the end, that’s what fidelity, that’s what faithfulness to Jesus and to his kingdom is about. It’s not ultimately results-oriented.”

“When I think about the credibility problem [that pastors have], I think not only do we need to confess, but we need to think carefully about how we are using power.”

“Take seriously the advice that Ignatius gave his followers to never make a life-changing decision in a season of desolation.”

“The sage and the healer I think are going to become really important voices for church leaders.”

“I keep saying Jesus and relationships—it really does come down to that.”

“I also think collaboration looks like missional partnerships in our own communities. We learned a lot of that during COVID. We learned how to rally together and do food banks and do all this sort of stuff. I would say keep working those muscles…don’t forget the lessons we learned during the stress of the crisis. And one of those lessons is you can’t do this alone.”

“My primary concern is not that I motivate pastors to love the church again or love the kingdom again. Can we just love Jesus again? And then let’s see what Jesus leads us into in the season that’s coming next.”

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