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Vance Pitman: Why Stress Should Not Be a ‘Normal’ Part of a Pastor’s Life

“If we don’t enjoy the peace of God in the midst of the storm, we won’t enjoy the peace of God when the storm is not there. Because God’s peace is not conditional. It’s not rooted in our circumstances. Our circumstances should not shape the way we view our God. Our God should shape the way we view our circumstances.”

“I do think it’s a big deal that a lot of spiritual leaders live in isolation.”

“If you’d ask me up until probably my first 10 years in ministry, ‘What’s the primary call in your life?,’ I would have said the primary call on my life is ministry. And it wasn’t until I began to go through some difficult circumstances that I realized the primary call in my life is not ministry. The primary call in my life is intimacy, and ministry is what Jesus does out of the overflow of intimacy.”

“Every ministry leader I know would say, ‘You need to spend time with God, you need to be in community.’ And yet we get so busy in ministry, we get so busy doing for Jesus that we remove the being with Jesus and experiencing the revival of just being with Christ. And that’s where we have to get back to.”

“The greatest thing you can do in leading your people is just be transparent. Let them see the authenticity of your own shortcomings, your own struggles.”

Mentioned in the Show

Matthew 6
Philippians 4
Proverbs 3:5-6
2 Timothy 3:1

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