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Scott Sauls: Why Your Brokenness Is Essential to Your Ministry

“Transparency isn’t staged, you know, because that’s manipulative. To treat the pulpit as the stage for being vulnerable so people will be drawn to you entirely misses the point of ministry.”

“We are primarily sheep and secondarily shepherds. I think God has done us such a great favor by giving us shepherds in Scripture who were, many of them, train wrecks.”

“I don’t know how you can love the gospel without being a weak person.”

“Here’s my most vivid memory of the pandemic: Resenting our leaders, some of them for what felt like ghosting me and ghosting the church, and not accounting for the fact that their whole lives are not about me and their whole lives are not about the church.”

“What’s so important is that pastors and leaders don’t forget that we need the gospel every day, just as much, if not more, than the people that we serve. And there’s something about having a voice and the power of leadership in a community that can cause us to forget how much we need the daily grace of Christ.”

“If your heart is not right, get your heart right or get out of ministry. Because everything stands or falls, ultimately, on a minister’s character or lack thereof.”

“Remember, Jesus didn’t have a megachurch, right? He had over 500 eyewitnesses to his resurrection and only 120 followers at the same time. And so I think our view of success is discipled too much by the American way and not enough by the Jesus way.”

“Right after Isaiah started his ministry, his congregation as it were was reduced by 90%. And then for the rest of his ministry, all he got was hostility and pushback and rejection. And history suggests that he was sawn in two and that’s how he died.”

“Don’t underestimate what God might be doing in your small things. You might in glory be introduced as being infinitely more influential than the mega-church pastor in your city. Because again, it’s all about your character.”

“The basic stuff is what forms us when we submit to it over and over and over and over again.”

Mentioned in the Show

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Hebrews 11
Romans 5
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Romans 8:28

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