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Justin and Lindsey Holcomb: How Pastors Can Stay in Their Lanes While Helping Survivors of Abuse

“It is imperative that a pastor or caregiver or whoever is coming alongside and walking through this is constantly giving back agency to the individual—male, female, child—while at the same time presenting options.”

“That really is on the pastor to go ahead of a situation and make connections in the community so the survivors know, ‘Hey, this is somebody that I have vetted and I feel like they really understand and I really trust them. But here’s a few options and I want you to think through them.’”

“I think more often than not, because abuse—especially domestic violence and even sexual abuse—can often become normalized…there’s not language to really identify what is happening to the individual.”

“There are some guiding principles to a trauma-informed approach. And one is creating a safe environment.”

“I’ve watched Justin do this when we met with an individual just a couple of months ago and he said, you know, ‘Can I pray? Would you be comfortable? You can keep your eyes open. You can close your eyes. You just let me know what makes you the most comfortable.’”

“This is a ministry of long suffering, of walking alongside [survivors] and of course, creating the team so that you can minimize burnout and so you can be available to other people.”

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