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Mark Moore: Are These Obstacles Keeping You From Getting To Know Jesus?

“If you want me to argue Jesus as politically conservative to the Right, I can totally point to passages where he is. If you want me to point to that he was politically to the Left, all of us, we could go to those passages. And what we’ve done in the church is is really gravitate one side or to the other. And because of that, we have missed the value that the Liberal Left offers to the right and the Conservative Right offers to the left.”

“For me personally, if I exalt Jesus as the standard, it’s kind of a North Star that directs my course…I’m aiming at Jesus not merely for my actions and ethical behaviors. I’m aiming at Jesus for my attitudes of self-reflection and introspection.”

“Jesus’ stories were about real life events that they had all experienced. And as a preacher myself, I know that when I talk about my own stories of living life, that always sings.”

“All the other parables of the Jews affirmed standard wisdom. They’re like your bedtime stories. None of Jesus’ parables affirm standard wisdom. They always exploded it. And so when he tells a story, it just draws you in because stories do that. But then there’s the shocking statement at the end that makes you rethink the entirety of your life.”

“I think if your life shows compassion for the least and the lost, then your statements can be much bolder and life-altering.”

“You know, a thing that stunned me is how little Jesus actually engaged with Gentiles. And yet his last command is to go into all the world. And what I began to see is the centrifugal nature of Jesus’ teaching.”

“​​Jesus taught about servant leadership. We all know that, right? There is no servant leadership in any political figure prior to Jesus.”

“One of the ways that I evaluate leaders is to look at what makes them angry, because that tells me what they’re most passionate about. Jesus was angry only three times.”

“Don’t pretend that Jesus is meek and mild with everybody. He showed great power to the powerful, and he showed great tenderness to those who are tender of heart.”

“There was a reason that Deuteronomy 6 says, keep the word of God on your heart and on your mind. Without that knowledge base, without that truth base, it’s very difficult for the Holy Spirit to move you to make the right decisions at points of temptation or points of pain.”

“The real life consequences of biblical illiteracy are addictions, depression, isolation and mental illness.”

“Jesus had the ability in a short span of time to alter not just your perceptions, but the perception of religion overall.”

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