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Ray Ortlund: Why Pastors MUST Fight Pornography

“The only deep and profound good changes I’ve gone through in my life have been through the grace of God and the gospel, really being embraced by people who are willing to walk with me through Ray Ortlund at his worst.”

“How are we going to change? We Christian leaders, we pastors, we ourselves, number one, daring to believe in the grace and mercy of God for the undeserving, which is all of us.”

“What if we pastors start quietly gathering men without any hoopla, without a big sermon series? Just quietly gathering men that we know are longing for freedom.”

“True brotherly accountability is magnificent, but I’ve heard some people in the name of accountability become coercive and bullying. And I just despise that. I have no place for that. It is totally counterproductive. It drives men underground further. So I use the word ‘transparency’ because that’s mutual.”

“If we’re going to see real change get traction, it’s because we Christian men humble ourselves and get together and talk about the embarrassing things and how we need change. And then God, the Holy Spirit will flip that…That can become a revolution.”

“I deeply believe we do not create a better future by faking it. It is integrity that is essential to our future. If we are continuing the ministry of the gospel while covering over betrayals of integrity, we are hypocrites. God cannot bless that. And it will eventually collapse under his discipline.”

“Every impression that I have from the reading I’ve done is that [pastoral porn use is] pervasive. And we’ve got to face that.”

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“One strategy any pastor can take is not taking porn head on, but backing up and asking the question, ‘What man in his right mind in this church environment would start talking about his weaknesses and shortcomings?’”

“We’re really talking about a major paradigm shift for many churches.”

“[As a pastor], I can’t present myself as above correction and above discovery.”

“If this is a culture shift, really, everything a pastor does has a new flavor, a new tone, a new vulnerability. Pastors, let’s surprise people with how much we admit. Let’s astonish them with how we’re growing and how basic some of our needs are.”