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Daniel Darling: How To Disciple Your People To Use Social Media

“I think leaders can be disqualified if they are jerks, if they act terribly online or even in their leadership. And sometimes we overlook those traits of temperament, and I don’t think we should.”

“We are in an age where there’s increasing hostility to Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, and so it’s wise to be aware, to know that simply being kind and being nice and being thoughtful will not always gain us an audience that maybe it would have a generation ago…On the other hand, when I look at the New Testament and I look at all the exhortations toward the fruits of the Spirit, these were written by men who were sent to jail for preaching.”

“Are we in an era that’s harder to live as a Christian than the first century Christians? I don’t think so. I just think it’s really kind of a false choice between civility and courage. I think we can do both those at the same time.”

“I do think we need to teach our people discernment. On the one hand, discernment is basically choosing between what is good and beautiful and true and what is not. But we also need to be discerning about discernment blogs because I think a lot of those are sort of self-appointed watchdogs.”

“​​I think if there’s a prurient interest in tabloid fodder among Christians, that to me is troublesome.”

“Have we done our homework? Asking ourselves, is this true? Is this actually true or is it half-true? Am I getting the whole story?”

“I don’t think we’re going to put the toothpaste back in the tube. I mean, I think the online community is here to stay for good or ill…And I do think in spite of all the division and disunity that we see that is very disheartening and hurts our mission, I do think God is at work in the world and I think Christ is building a church even in this age.”

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