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Charlie Dates: Why Your Church Needs To Identify and Raise Up Young Preachers

“We have to let preachers develop in stages…There’s something that time and maturation give you that you cannot short circuit.”

“The preacher who learns to tell stories well early learns to turn ears into eyes.”

“I’d be the first to say, although I’m primarily an expositor, that exposition is not the sole way to preach.”

“The sooner you can come to terms joyfully with the kind of personality you have and the way God has built you, the more fun you will have in preaching.”

“Immerse yourself in the listening and reading of great preaching…My advice would be to listen across generations, across ethnicities, across socioeconomic status, and men and women.”

“Let me just affirm you, preacher. Whoever you are, you can be—and by the grace of God you will be—an even better communicator than you think is possible.”

Mentioned in the Show

Luke 2:41-52
Luke 15
1 Samuel 3
Proverbs 25:11

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