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Beth Moore on the ‘Most Important Part of the Process’ of Teaching God’s Word

“If I’m teaching, one of the things that is going to drive me continually is did I convey a how, not just what? And not just of course, ultimately who, and that is the Lord Jesus Christ, but do they know how to implement some of that when we get off?”

“I was raised in church and I wanted to be godly so badly. And I wanted to walk with Jesus. I wanted to love Jesus. I wanted to love Scripture. But I was raised to know all the whats. But I did not, for the life of me know how.”

“All of us that have been around a while….We know how to just get an audience going. If I want to get an audience clapping, I would know how to do it. I would know how to get a standing ovation. One of the things I love best about God is he is onto all the bull. I love that about him, that he’s just onto it. He knows, he convicts us with his Holy Spirit when we’re going in to perform instead of going in to serve.”

“What sticks is going to be, is there a connection between what we’re saying and what we’re living?”

“I think it’s one thing to have a fairly workable method that you go by; that’s different than having the same material that you’re putting to that method.”

“There’s no there is no lassoing the Holy Spirit. There’s no manipulating him.”

“If I can get to that end of the message and if I can go to my car and know, we opened the Scriptures together, we read the Scriptures together, we talked about things that were true about the Scriptures, then I’ve got to settle that in my mind and know it’s that is going to bring the increase. That is where the life is. That is where the promise is not over my performance. So there’s a lot of humility that is built into speaking.”

“As I live and breathe, about 80% of what I teach and speak on is coming directly out of my own devotional time with God in the morning. I cannot say enough that one of the things that is going to drive that message is going to be that it truly did land on you first…It’s just not bypassing your own heart and going straight out of your mouth, but it’s rested in the marrow of your own bones and found a place there.”

“I believe so strongly in praying, I mean fervently, for what it is you want your message to be.”

“I would suggest that a young communicator think throughout the lifetime of a calling to just pray again and again and again, ‘Lord, give me an unquenchable love for your Son and give me a thirst and hunger for your word.’”

“I was not trained academically. So I have had to rely and have been so thankful to rely on Bible resources. So I have a library…that goes with me everywhere I go.” 

“Part of my process is I’ve got to go on a walk. And this might not happen just once. It might be two or three or four times, but I have to let [what I’m studying] steep. I have to have time to let it roll around and in such a way that I’m not grasping for it.”