Home Podcast Dallas Jenkins on Why ‘The Chosen’ Is Not ‘Adding to Scripture’

Dallas Jenkins on Why ‘The Chosen’ Is Not ‘Adding to Scripture’

“I do believe that God has his hand on it because of the what the response is. If the response was, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s my favorite show, now I have something to watch and oh, good news, I don’t actually need to read my Bible as much because I have “The Chosen”‘—now that would be upsetting. But people are saying over and over again, ‘Thank you. I’m now more engaged with Scripture and with Jesus than ever before.’”

“I used to be someone who struggled with narcissism. I cared about affirmation. It was important to me, and now I really don’t care anymore.”

“I’m not doing this for other people. I’m doing this for God.”

“​​Your Bible has not changed since ‘The Chosen’ came out. I’m not adding to Scripture because this isn’t Scripture.”

“We encourage you to read the Gospels. In many ways, the show is what we would consider plausible fan fiction.”

“If you’re worshiping the portrayal in our show, or if you’re in church worshiping or praying and you’re thinking of the show as worthy of worship, of course, that would be bad. I mean, that’s what the Bible talks about in the Old Testament when it talks about graven images.”

“As long as we know what Scripture is and what it isn’t, I think that we’re free to imagine and to think about these people because they were people, human beings, just like we are. And that’s often easily forgotten. We think of them as stained glass windows.”

“I just don’t believe it’s a contradiction of his deity or of his humanity to say that there were times when Jesus didn’t know all things while he was in human form here on Earth.”

“When you’re on ‘The Chosen’ app and you want to see future episodes and seasons and you want us to be able to keep the show free and to translate the show into hundreds of languages, you can donate to the Come and See Foundation.”

“It’s not my job to feed the 5,000, only to provide the loaves and fish. And I do that one thing at a time. I try not to get ahead of myself anymore, but clearly the demand is there. And I would love to continue to tell Jesus stories.”

“I’m not formally associated with the LDS church on any level, and they don’t claim that we’re formally associated with each other.”

“I would say actually more than half of our cast and crew aren’t believers or traditional believers. And so if the LDS church, because of the fact that we use their set or that some of the people who work on our team happen to be LDS—I can’t really control what they may claim or not claim. I put that in God’s hands.”