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Greg Laurie: How Churches Can Use ‘Jesus Revolution’ for Evangelism

“I think we should press on and just do what we do as Christians and fulfill the Great Commission to the best of our ability. But having said that, I have hope for another great spiritual awakening.”

“I love the fact that Jesus was being talked about on Super Bowl Sunday.”

“‘Jesus Revolution’ is connecting because it’s a real-life story. And I think it connects to people of all ages, of all backgrounds, men and women, boys and girls. People connect to this story.”

“Revival can be local. It can be church-wide, it can be citywide, statewide, nationwide. It can even be just something that happens personally. But an awakening, a big awakening like we’ve seen for great awakenings in America—well, time will tell if we’re having that.”

“It wasn’t just hippies [in the Jesus Movement]. It would be a businessman sitting next to a hippie, sitting next to a nurse sitting next to a student. So it was really very diverse. So I think it was largely a youth awakening.”

“If there had not been a Chuck Smith, I fear to think of what it could have been if Lonnie Frisbee was running the whole thing. But if there had not been a Lonnie Frisbee, I don’t think you would have had that explosion. When Lonnie and Chuck met, it was like nitro met glycerine.”

“One person said…the one disappointment in the film was when it ended. And people are saying, ‘We laughed, we cried.’ People cheered at the end of the movie. Jon Erwin told me he’s never directed a film where people cheered in the middle of a film.”

“I think it connects to non-believers because it shows us as Christians at our very best, meaning here’s a pastor, Chuck Smith, who opened his heart and opened his doors to young people who were searching. And there was love there. We talked so much about love back then.”

“We had people accepting Christ in the theaters. I had one person say, ‘I heard people around me praying out loud asking Jesus to come into their life.’ We had pastors on hand. We had Bibles on hand. So we’re doing our best to try to keep up with this thing. But I’ve never heard of anything quite like this, doing evangelism in movie theaters on this scale.”

“It was highly unusual for a Hollywood studio to allow us to put an evangelistic appeal after a feature film that they paid for, produced and distributed. But they agreed to do that on the Wednesday release only. So unfortunately, that won’t be in all the releases.”

“This movie is a gift. It’s a gift to the church. It’s a tool. And the idea is you take someone to the movie and after it’s over with, you can have that conversation with them and say, ‘Do you understand what happened? And would you like a relationship with Jesus?’ I mean, just the fact that the movie is in the theaters is a great conversation starter.”