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Kenny Jahng: What Church Leaders Need To Know About AI

“Whether you embrace AI, whether you’re skeptical of it, whether you’re fearful of it, you need an AI policy.”

“No matter what you feel about AI as a leader, your teams, your organization, there are people using it right now, whether you know or not.”

“Think from a liability standpoint of what’s going to happen if people on your staff or your volunteers put sensitive data about people in your congregation into the machine…the terms of service of many of these chatbots are able to legally take anything that you put into it, incorporate it into the database, and then who knows where that might surface years from now.”

“Transparency is the the concept that your team has to struggle with…how transparent are we? Where does the attribution happen? Do you have to mention that you use AI in every single piece that you publish? I would say down the line, very soon, AI is going to be normalized in all of our work.”

“I like to say that tech innovation right now is like dog years…there’s seven leaps of innovation within a calendar year, and it feels like if I’m away from the computer, even for an afternoon, I come back and there’s some new news.”

“AI is not this technology that competes with humanity. AI is a mirror. Basically, it’s reflecting both the brilliance and the bias of the creators. And if we’re not embracing what AI has to offer and just trying to play it safe, we’re stalling the future.”

“If you are in a growth mindset and really understand, ‘Hey, the church has a space and a voice here for us to understand human flourishing at its core,’ then we are able to then move from intimidation to innovation pretty quickly.”

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“I think one of the things that we all have to do is start conversations. So it’s not one of those things where the executive committee or the leader, the CEO of an organization goes off and figures out what the solution is and comes back and decrees it for the organization. You have to have conversations.”

“Communications is a category of work that many leaders can immediately see benefits from, whether it’s helping you to write emails, social media, newsletters, all those types of content pieces that you’re writing.”

“Think of AI as a fresh, young seminary student intern, someone who hasn’t worked on your staff.”

“I was just working with a church leader where we said, why don’t we look at the giving data of all your people and then look at patterns and try to identify pretty quickly people that have been giving consistently and all of a sudden stopped giving?…Those are the types of things that you could use, analysis and data recognition, to figure out, how do we translate into ministry outcomes to really up the game?”

“The cost of junk content is basically going down to zero, but the cost of quality content is effectively staying the same. And that’s just one of those things that most people don’t understand immediately.”

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