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Yvonne Carlson: How To Use AI Effectively in Your Ministry

“You can ask [AI] for an event plan, you know, outline for me the steps that I need to take to have a movie night for my families in my church. And then again, once you feed it some additional parameters, it will write your plan for you.”

“I spoke recently at a conference and I was able to, in five minutes, create a script, create a video, and then create social media posts for an imaginary campaign. Five minutes.”

“One area that people may not realize that is heavily impacted by AI is Bible translation. So if you think about the languages—’low resource languages’ specifically is the term—these languages don’t have a written form. So using AI tools, they can record audio from native speakers and come up with alphabets.”

“Whatever your governing body is [of your ministry], make sure that they know your intention, i.e., ‘I really would like to move towards using artificial intelligence in these ways.’”

“If you have someone in your church who has this background technology, AI, or is very connected to this world, bring them into the conversation. Ask them, ‘We want to do this. How would we solution that? What would that look like?’ You’d be amazed who sits in your church pews.”

“Do the thing that you do regularly first. Try that first using a new tool. So if it’s sermon preparation, go to ChatGPT. Feed in some of your notes and create a sermon outline based on these notes and just interact with the tool to see what it does for you.”

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