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Phil Vischer, Part 2: Fighting To Save Evangelicalism From Fundamentalism

Phil Vischer
Photo courtesy of Phil Vischer

Phil Vischer is an animator, writer, voice actor and director who is known for co-creating VeggieTales alongside his friend Mike Nawrocki and for voicing dozens of VeggieTales characters, including Bob the Tomato. In 2012, Phil and his friend, Skye Jethani, launched the “Holy Post” podcast, which has since expanded to become a diverse media resource that helps believers live faithfully in our increasingly post-Christian culture.

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Key Questions for Phil Vischer

-Do you describe yourself as an evangelical? 

-What do you think needs to be thrown out and what needs to be kept to achieve a healthy, vibrant future for evangelicalism?

-Why are you not clearer about your views on the problems with evangelicalism? 

-What advice would you give to pastors attempting to minister to Christians who are questioning?

Key Quotes From Phil Vischer

“I am intrigued by the influence of, by the interplay over the last hundred years of what I would describe as northern evangelicalism and southern fundamentalism.

“Who’s wrestling the name evangelical closer to their side? I think that’s a very interesting story over the last 60 years, is who owns the name evangelical? What does it mean?”

“I do believe more in the northern evangelical tradition…and I’m very concerned…that some of the worst aspects of southern fundamentalism are winning the day and creating a new global impression of historic evangelicalism.”

“I’m really interested in how the Civil War through Jim Crow affected the southern church and then how the southern church is affecting global evangelicalism.”