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William Wilson on the Mistake We Make When Obeying the Great Commission

“I believe, of course, in making disciples. Obviously, one of the best ways to make disciples is to turn them on to sharing the good news of Jesus with others.”

“Where are the most people in the world who have not heard [the gospel], who have not had an opportunity? And then where are the people in our community?”

“We have a Generation Z coming on that’s passionate about God…This is the most exciting generation in the history of the world. And if we get them turned on to mission and to world evangelization, they’re going to turn the world upside down.”

“[Jesus] is willing to leave 99 of us to go find one, and we need to be willing to do the same.”

“We’ve got to refocus on evangelism. And so I would really plead with pastors, leaders around the world, take some time in prayer and ask God to renew your heart for people that need Jesus, that need the gospel.”

“It’s a very exciting time, and I believe the Holy Spirit is going before us…The world is ready.”

Mentioned in the Show

Acts 8:26-40
Acts 16:6-10
1 Corinthians 14:2
John 4
Mark 5
Matthew 24

The Power of One: Reaching Every Person on Earth” by Dr. William Wilson


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