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Matt Chandler, Part 2: How Parents Can Make the Most of the Time They Have With Their Kids

“If a kid gets baptized, I think that’s a huge milestone.”

“[Parents], you can do this.”

“All of this stuff creates a community that can weather the storm. And the kids go through storms—because all of that didn’t save any of my kids so far from enduring all of the difficulties of adolescence.” 

“I have categorically rejected the idea that I can’t have deep and close friendships with the men, particularly, that I work with.”

“Lauren and I pressed into community, cried a lot, and, and then sought counsel from people who had been where we were or were currently where we were.”

“I had a good friend tell me…[your kids] are either real baby believers or they’re not Christians. And ​​if they’re not Christians, how lonely do you think they feel in your house?”

“The truth is, if my kids never love the Lord (which they do, we’re in a different season), but if they never love the Lord, I’m going to love them till the day I die. And I’m going to prayerfully contend for their souls till the day I die. And so I wanted to do everything I could to maintain the relationship with them.”

“Who are your three? Find three men or three women, and over a period of time, test the character of those people with little tastes of vulnerability. And if you genuinely enjoy them and being with them, and if they can be trusted, then you can be more and more vulnerable.”

“The great joy of my life is I get to do ministry with people I really, really like and love, who I feel really safe being vulnerable with. And I’ve needed that for the highs and lows of the last 20 years.”

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