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Molly Matthews Shares Key Findings From the ‘State of Church Tech’ Report

“High quality video content….[and] cryptocurrency [are] definitely staying.”

“I think one of the things that we also see people really leaning into in a way that’s more, I would say exploratory, is AI…And then the one that it seems like people are sort of stepping away from is the metaverse.”

“I think that we need to really break down our concept of technology and older generations. I think that it is false to believe that our 60-, 70-, 80-year-old participants are not engaging in technology. They are, every single day.” 

“I do think that this is a healthy conversation for a pastoral team to have to ensure that they aren’t going so far to one direction that the people who are coming in and wanting to be in community in a church building feel left behind. But at the same time, our world has changed so much, right?”

“We’re seeing through our research as well that people are very fascinated by, they’re digging into the use of AI. They’re trying to do it in a way that’s authentic.”

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“People are feeling insecure about making technology-buying decisions.”

“I think one of the things that came through really loud, mightily for me in the research was, how do we help our technology buyers become more comfortable?”

“I think that the biggest decision that a church needs to make is, do I want to grow? Or do I want to die?”

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“Do I desire to grow or am I content just being? And if my desire is to grow, what is the appropriate step forward? And oftentimes that is…thinking about an application.”

“The reason that people are really leaning in to church, whether they’re in person or online…is they desire to hear the message. They desire to hear the message. So how can you get that message, even a shorter version of it…into the hands of your people?”

“This is really the crux of how technology should be supporting the church, right? It should be a tool. There is not one moment in time where our technology should be taking over the role of a pastor.”

“I think what [the church is] getting right, right now is they’re curious.”

“What information do we have about our communities, and how are we leveraging that information to be more impactful?”

“Data helps us to not lose people out the back door if we’re using it really well. But if we have all of these disparate, kind of crummy systems that don’t talk to each other, don’t have API integrations, that is just going to get even worse as we move into this ‘hybrid is here to stay’ reality. We have to be thoughtful around those data points and how we use those.”

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