Home Podcast Andy Bannister: How Pastors and Churches Can Stop Living as ‘Undercover Christians’

Andy Bannister: How Pastors and Churches Can Stop Living as ‘Undercover Christians’

“One of the challenges that those of us who are leaders and pastors and teachers have is that people look at us and go, ‘Well, it’s easy for you. You’re professional.’”

“What about finding space in our services to actually showcase people who are being a witness for Christ in the workplace?”

“When you take a long, hard look at the gospels, you realize just how question-centered many of the conversations that Jesus has are.”

“The ‘wondering question’ really is a question I teach in the book designed to get you started in spiritual conversations from the things that your friends already care about.”

“I think often as Christians, we either chicken out and do nothing, or we try and go from 0 to 60 in the conversation. And learning the art of gently warming people up and going, how do we get a conversation heading in directions where something interesting might happen? And so I think that’s one of the missing pieces.”

“When you collapse your theology and your politics together into one category, I think bad things can happen.”

“If you take that, you know, sort of carpet-bomb, take-no-prisoners approach, the danger is you close the door to conversations about Jesus with people who otherwise you might have very interesting conversations with.”

“Don’t play the culture war piece at the expense of the gospel.”

“I’m someone who loves politics. But I’ve had to really pray to develop the spiritual gift, and I’m still developing it, of just learning when to shut your mouth.”

“Who’s a thoughtful writer on the other side? Because then when you meet someone on the train who’s different politically to you, that gives you a connecting point where you can say, ‘Do you know what? I really appreciate some of the voices on your side of the discussion.’”

“So read widely. Try and find voices that you can at least semi-appreciate on the other side. And then you can defuse these things and surprise people because people want to pigeonhole us as Christians.”

“We don’t do nuance very well…part of being a Christian in today’s world is learning to listen to the Spirit, read the Scriptures, and discern in a given situation which is the [best] approach.”