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Steve Robinson: How To Create a Culture of Service in Your Church

“Sometimes some of the most difficult things that people have experienced are the things that God intends for them to use to serve people in the life of the church.”

“There’s a culture in what we’ve tried to create in that people are spotting the gifts in other people.”

“We had a guy come to church not too long ago, and he’s just a guy that sits in a coffee shop where a lot of people from Cornerstone go, and he’s just turned up at church just because he sees people regularly reading the Bible in the coffee shop around the corner from the church.”

Smaller groups are helpful, but also they naturally just move into mission.”

“I’m very passionate about building team, very passionate about creating…the atmosphere and platform for other people to flourish. I think that’s the role of an elder.”

“If the professional elements of ministry become the be-all and end-all, we’re going to miss the point and we’re going to miss people.”

“We’re planting churches with 15 people in areas where there aren’t any churches. So all those 15 people have got to help.”

“Everybody that walks through the door is part of the body. Nobody can be disregarded. God has gifted them all in different ways for the work that he’s called them to. Let’s help them find that. Let’s encourage them.”

“One of the key things for me as a leader is that as much as it was all hands to the deck [when our church was smaller], I felt the responsibility personally more than I probably do now with a larger church. So, therefore, God had to do a work in my heart to be okay with it not being okay at times.”

“Everything rises and falls on leadership. So rather than seeking people to step in to do jobs, I wanted to bring people in who could lead others.”

“If we’re able to help people become leaders and grow in their leadership, there’s a sense that that creates more opportunities for people to flourish in their gifting.”

“Maturity isn’t me being sorted. Maturity is me seeking to live for the glory of God with the giftings that he’s given me so I am reaching non-Christian people and we’re bringing them in.”

“The biggest encouragement is to encourage people that they’re not serving you. They’re actually serving Jesus. And I think if we’re liberated from that as church leaders—that actually we’re helping other people as part of the body to serve the Lord Jesus Christ—that gives us a freedom and a liberty.”

Mentioned in the Show

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2 Timothy 2:2

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