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Matt Chandler: We Need To Wake Up to the ‘Cosmic War’ That Is All Around Us

“I am certainly not a person that says you should just go with, but I’m also not the guy that says you need to pick a fight with everybody out there. There’s something to faithful presence and faithful proclamation that produces the kind of fruit that Jesus is calling us to.”

“I think we’re called to be faithful citizens where we are. And I think policy matters because people matter.”

“Our role is a repeated surrender to the rule and reign of God in our lives. And I think overcoming is doing that, especially when it’s hard.”

“The unveiling [of the Book of Revelation] is the victory of Christ right now, regardless of what we see.”

“Revelation read rightly doesn’t have you forget the present at the expense of the future. It anchors you in future hope for present boldness.”

“I think the majority of evangelicals that I come across are almost completely unaware of this cosmic war they find their lives caught up in.”

“I’m not saying there isn’t a time and place to punch harder. I’m just saying the way that the early church responded to the images and the cries of God through John to the churches is not punch harder the way we think about punching harder but to fight where the fight’s actually occurring, which is these principalities and powers.”

“Maybe the reality that all of us are going to have to live under is that thorns spring up even by the sweat of our brow but that the best we can hope for is to live bold, normal Christian lives in our neighborhoods and workplaces and places of play, and to create order and multiply with depth as much as it depends on us.”

“If pastors haven’t done that deep work around identity and are still having some significant struggles with internal accusation and comparison, it’s going to be really hard to live into this moment that we’re in….I need to know in my guts that, before I’m anything else in this world, I’m a son of God.”

“I’m walking with five or six Gen Z guys now, and I’ve always got pastors in my orbit that I’m working with. There seems to be real anxiety…and again, it’s why I love Revelation. Revelation has the victory of Christ on display as the driving narrative of our lives.”

“You will, I think, preach, teach and lead differently with a robust understanding of just how significant and all-encompassing the victory of Christ is.”

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