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Ryan Wekenman: A Single Pastor’s Thoughts on Ministering to Singles

“Singleness is on the rise, which means that to continue to shepherd the masses of your congregation, it’s going to become increasingly important that we have things for single people.”

“We have to…be honest about the fact that single people are at a disadvantage at some level, in that it really isn’t good for man to be alone and being a pastor is a difficult job.”

“I understand why pastors may be hesitant to bring on a single person…but there is so much we bring to the table as a single pastor—you get sanctified in a whole new way. You [Ed and Daniel] both would say that marriage is a sanctifying experience. Singleness is also a sanctifying experience in that I have had to learn how to invite God into those lonely moments and into those dark moments, and I just feel like I have a really sweet relationship with God because of it.”

“I feel like it’s time for single people to have more of a seat at the table.”

“Part of that ‘Kingdom of Me’ mentality is a call to single people to work a little extra hard to go, ‘Yes, I may be single and I could get away with being selfish with my time, but what if we just realized that from the beginning, the call has always been to take ourselves out of the center?’”

“What I am trying to say, like on repeat, is it’s not, how can the church better serve single people? It’s, how can single people better serve the church?”

“The primary motivation of our lives shouldn’t be to get married. The primary goal of our lives should be to follow the way of Jesus.”

Single people and married people have the same mission: to love people and point people towards Jesus and be with Jesus. And that doesn’t change, regardless of your marital status.”

“Pastors and church leaders, help your people realize that they can just be honest with God.”

“I think the problem with the framing of, ‘Do you have the gift of singleness?’…is really what we’re saying is…’Do you think you’re going to be single for the rest of your life?’”

Mentioned in the Show

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Genesis 2
John 8
Matthew 6:8
Romans 8

Single Today: Conquer Yesterday’s Regrets, Ditch Tomorrow’s Worries, and Thrive Right Where You Are” by Ryan Wekenman

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