Discipling the Next Generation

I have a dream: that parents raise soldiers and bring them to the body of Christ which forms them into an army to win the lost

Translated: I have a dream: that parents make disciples and bring these discipled children to the body of Christ which forms them into a cell to win the lost.

Challenge: Changing the culture of the church to disciple the emerging generation according to the Word of God must start with cell leaders, coaches, Pastors, etc, living this with their families. Children and young people whose parents are in leadership were intended by God to be blessed and privileged by their parents role.  Discipling them is a priority over the discipleships of others, training them over the training of others. Deut. 6:4-9 needs to be a lifestyle for leaders too. Ministry was not intended to harm our children but to be a tremendous opportunity.

Discipling the emerging generation is a Biblical doctrine, its message must be returned to the pulpit, its culture to the church.

Key Thoughts: Why do we focus on adults  discipling each other without being sure they are discipling their own children first? If they are discipling their children then they will multiply obedience to that command, if they are not they will model disobedience.

Key Strategy: Build into the equipping track for all adults the 2 Biblical principles for discipling the emerging generation and then inspire, release and equip them to go and make disciples of their peers

Clearly define the roll of the church/cell and the role of parents. Let this be known and resourced.

Result of obedience to these two commands: the nations will praise Him. (Psalm 45:17)


by Daphne Kirk –  For the Joel Comiskey Group