5 Signs You Lack Integrity

lack integrity

Integrity is something we all desire, but how do you know if you have it? Equally important: how do you know if you lack integrity? And what exactly is it anyway?

Sometimes it’s easiest to think about something out of its immediate context. When something is well built, we say it has structural integrity. So in an earthquake, the building with excellent structural integrity survives. When something physically collapses, we say it didn’t have the integrity to withstand the impact.

All of this springs from the original latin root of integrity, which means “intact.” Can you withstand the crisis intact? Many people aren’t withstanding crises well these days. The storm buffets, and they collapse — along with their family or their organization. The tension is that no one sees the they lack integrity until the storm hits.

“Normal” doesn’t really test your integrity. Crises do. But when a crisis comes, it’s often too late to fix what’s wrong. The damage is happening in real time.

5 Signs You Lack Integrity

1. It’s all about you.

You can say it’s about God. You can say it’s about others. But only you and God know your heart.

Selfish people harm their organizations, families and friends. If it’s all about you, you won’t go the distance. Or you will, but you’ll hurt a lot of people in the process and you’ll never know what could have happened if you made it about God and others.

2. Your self-esteem rises and falls with the opinion of others.

A secure leader can see the right way and lead people there through tough conditions. An insecure leader will bend with every change in public opinion. Which means you’re not actually leading anyone, not even yourself.

3. You’re hiding things.

You shouldn’t be telling everyone everything (that’s not healthy) — but someone needs to know everything.

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