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Vital Questions for Small Group Leaders

What does a typical small group meeting look like?

Pay attention to what they prioritize in their small group. Is it forming relationships? Is it Bible study? What is missing or over-emphasized in their time together? This question helps you understand if the leader is aligning with your values in terms of structure, conversation, and culture.

How are the group members getting along?

If people are not forming relationships in their small group then it is a sign that they are focusing too much on the content and not enough on the people. Asking this question in the first few moments of the conversation shows the leader that relationships are what matter most in small groups!

How has attendance been?

This is a boring question, but it is one of the primary vital signs of the health of the group. Whether or not you track attendance for small groups, this question is one that the leader is really paying attention to. It is deflating for a leader to prepare, clean their house, and send out invitations only to have two people show up. This question will reveal an important aspect of the group: do people actually enjoy it?

Is anyone helping you?

If no one is helping small group leaders then it is only a matter of time until they burn out. One of the essential components of leading a group is empowering the group member’s leadership potential. Are they delegating the responsibilities of the life of the group to others? Are they replicating themselves by raising up an apprentice or co-leader?

What is the best thing about your small group right now?

While showing you where their group’s health shines, this question also delivers a gift that church leadership needs to know: stories about how God is at work! These stories will not only be encouraging for you and your senior pastor, but they are great content for your next campaign!

What is the most challenging thing about your small group right now?

This is where you can really focus on where they need coaching. Besides the personal care you provide small group leaders, getting into the trenches to solve their struggles alongside them shows them that you care! Be sure to listen well, encourage them, and offer some practical next steps to help them overcome the challenges they are facing.


Think of your conversation with small group leaders like a sandwich—coaching in the middle with care on both sides! End the conversation by praying for them then and there. By the time you get to this part, you will likely have a good idea on what you can pray for them about. It never hurt to ask the following questions as a way to close out your one-on-one with them.

  • Is there anything I can pray for you about?
  • Is there anything I can pray for your small group about?



This article by Ryan Kames on questions for small group leaders originally appeared here at the Small Group Network, and is used by permission.