"Touch" Your Small Group This Christmas

There are so many things to get done this time of year. But don’t miss the chance to give your small group members an extra touch in the next couple of weeks. Christmas is a time of joy, but it can also be a time of loneliness and sadness for many. Take a moment during the weeks leading up to Christmas to call each member of your small group and wish them a joyous holiday. Then, just listen. If you don’t hear joy from them, if instead you hear softness or busy-ness or even stress, take the time to tell them how much they mean to you. Don’t be insincere, be genuine, reflect back to them the things you appreciate about who they are. Tell them that you are grateful for God having brought them to your group. Tell them that they are loved. That’s what good families do. That’s what good small groups do.

Have singles in your group? Make sure everyone has somewhere to go for Christmas day. Don’t assume that someone else has invited them. Make sure. And if they don’t have anyplace to go, God has given you this opportunity to minister to them by inviting them to your house. A small group is a family, and even if you have a houseful of your immediate family for Christmas, you can teach your family about putting love in Christmas by making a place for those who otherwise would sit home alone. If you’re a single and you don’t have any place to go, plan a birthday party for Jesus at your house on Christmas day and invite others to join you. You will feel the extra blessing by being a blessing to others.

If you’re traveling, ask other members of your group to invite those who don’t have a place for Christmas. In your small group, make sure no one is alone for Christmas.

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