Small Group Leaders

Small Group Philosphy 101

What is the philosophy of your small group ministry? Do you have one? I think that the most fundamental step for every small group...

4 Ways To Respond To The Small Group Dip

So you’re more than halfway through the year, and only about half of your guys are still showing up for small group. What’s going...

6 Reasons You Need a Small Group Ministry

There is an interesting conversation going on that Dave Treat started on the Willow Creek Group Life blog.  There is some discussion about the...

Leading a Great Small Group

Tips to help your small group succeed.

Lessons in Leadership from Hearst Castle

"We must work together in community with the various architects God has brought into our lives."

Who Are You Trying to Connect?

The connection between effectiveness and design.

Managing Expectations (Childcare and Otherwise)

"Effective ministry is dependent on managing expectations in a way that leads to the win you’ve identified for your church."

God's Calling or Spiritual Gifts: Which Comes First?

"For thousands of years, Christ followers have discovered their gifts in community as God called people to serve."

GroupLife Philosophy: Test Drive First

"What if I’ve got a coach that really isn’t a good fit for the job?”

2 GroupLife Keys that Predict Sustainability

Multiple facilitators and multiple locations.

Stop Recruiting!

"God never calls us to do something without providing the resources to carry it out."

How to Take Advantage of Easter to Launch Groups

Three practical steps for launching small groups around Easter.

Small Group Diagnosis: Senior Pastor Buy-In

One of the most critical areas in need of examination.

It's Really Not About Burnout!

Two key factors behind healthy, successful small groups.

Responsibilities, Resources, and Reasons in Small Group Ministry

Equipping your small group leaders for effective ministry.

Resource: A Convergence of Small Group Experts

If you missed The Summit: A Convergence of Small Group Experts you missed a great 90 minutes. But it’s not too late! They filmed...

Small Group Diagnosis: The Coaches in Your System

Key questions to assess the coaches in your church.

Small Group Diagnosis: The Leaders in Your System

A list for assessing the small group leaders in your church.

An Appreciation for Mystery

"There are times in every person’s journey when the reality of mystery collides with their carefully constructed life." ""

Small Group Diagnosis: Step One

Use surveys to strengthen your small group ministry.

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