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Free Article: The Gospel and Sex

"Christian community is to an alternate society in which sex, money, and power are used in life-giving ways that differ sharply from the practices of the broader culture."

Free Video Download: Make Disciples

"In the church, 'Jesus Says' is a totally different game: If Jesus says something, we don't have to do it. We just have to memorize it."

Mark Driscoll: All You Need to Do Is Ask

Mark Driscoll discusses the call to reach people for Christ and use your home for community.

Winning People for Jesus with Actions

by Mario Vega For evangelism to be effective in the cell, emphasis must be placed on action rather than in words. People without Jesus are...

More Rethinking Our Small Group Model … Going Deeper

In Alan Danielson's blog post today, he discusses "the most overrated church comment." What is that comment? "I want to go deeper." I totally...

Small Group Training—Trust

A section of the small group training program hosted by Alan Danielson.

Leading Through Change

Tie new changes to old stories, and you’ll promote unity in the middle of needed change.

Alienated By Your Bias

"So what is my point? It’s simple: we all have a bias." says Alan Danielson

What Is It With Pride?

I’ve been reading through 2 Chronicles in The Message lately and I’m blown away by the kings of Judah.  Over and over again...

The Heartbeat of a Cell Church

By Michael Sove “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” (Luke 19:10)  Jesus had a single-minded focus...

Maintain Clarity on the What and Flexibility on the How

Do you have clarity on what you’re trying to do?  Are you flexible on how you do it?  I’ve found that those are two...

Enlisting Great Sunday School Leaders

Here's a few great pointers on recruiting teachers for your adult Sunday School programs.

Principles from the Largest Cell Churches

Joel Comiskey shares his vast knowledge of what makes a successful cell church.

Small Group Advice…For a Laugh

A tongue-in-cheek poke at small groups, courtesy of Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like.

Free Bible Study: The Elijah Chronicles

Follow Elijah through the ups and downs of his life and discover that God is true to His promises.

What Do You Do When God Is Silent?

Alan Danielson shares his experience on waiting for God to speak.

Adopt, Adapt, Abandon

Jeff Tunnell Developing our training track has been a training process in itself.  At the onset of transitioning to cell-based ministry we adopted the baseball...

A Quick Peek Under the Hood (Saddleback’s Spiritual Growth Campaign Strategy)

There are very few things more fascinating than watching a well designed, well managed campaign play out.  In my article yesterday, Breaking:...

What if Everything We've Always Believed About Small Groups Was Wrong?

What if everything we've always believed about small groups was wrong? What if we have it all backwards? What if...

Rick Warren Successor Andy Wood Apologizes for 2021 Mark Driscoll Interview;...

Andy Wood, named as Rick Warren’s successor at Saddleback Church, has apologized for inviting Mark Driscoll to speak at the 2021 Echo Leadership Conference. Critics, however, say Wood's apology leaves too many questions unanswered.

Podcast Special: Dave Ferguson Gives 4 Habits for Healthy, Lasting Ministry

What are some of the practices that we can embrace as ministry leaders that will help sustain our joy through both the highs and lows of ministry? Join Dave Ferguson for a candid, backstage conversation.

Small Group Leaders