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Training For a Task

Jeff Tunnell Training should have an end in mind at the onset.  Training is task oriented. It would  be pointless to have a soccer...

The Why Behind the Way of Your Small Group Ministry Strategy

We all have reasons for the way we’ve designed our small group ministries.  You use a particular strategy or system for a...

Americans' Social Circle Decreasing

In spite of Facebook and Twitter, the size of the average American's social circle is smaller today than 20 years ago.

The Naked Truth – Part 1

Randall Neighbor says small groups are for producers not consumers.

Benefits of Ministry Equipping

by Steve Cordle Virtually every believer knows that after his resurrection, Jesus commissioned his followers, saying, “Go into all the world and...

No Matter The Odds

There’s a cool story in 2 Chronicles 13.  The two main players are Abijah and Jeroboam. The Hebrew people had recently split their...

The Last 10% Leads to a Church OF Groups

"We are committed,” he said.  It is time and this is the year that we become a church of groups.  Being a church with...

10 Fantasies of Churches With Small Groups

Find out what fantasies keep churches from growing their small group ministry.

You Can Join a Growth Group

The latest hit music video from North Coast Church's Park 'N Ride Posse.

Growth Group Testimony

Use this video to encourage your small group leaders and remind them of their impact on others.

Collateral Damage

Any time leaders change something significant in their churches there is collateral damage; someone is going to get upset and possibly leave ...

Differences Between Training and Education

I love learning. God wants all of us to become life-time learners. I believe God desires that we sharpen our brains through...

You'll Never Have Enough

By Michael Sove The one thing you’ll never be able to say, “I have enough leaders.”  No sooner do you think you have enough...

Triple Threat Leadership

My friend Alan Danielson has recently released an E book entitled Triple Threat Leadership.  This book is a quick, practical and entertaining read. ...

Groups Interactive’s New Version Takes a Big Step in the Right Direction

I had a chance this week to connect with Andy Ivankovich, the founder of UpperRoom Technologies, and take a look at the...

Small Groups = BIG Priority

Small groups—and small group leaders—continue to be more and more of a priority in churches.

Coaching From the Trenches

by Michael Sove When I began the journey into cells the most talked about coaching structure was the Jethro model.  This is broken down...

Staying the Course Leads to a Church Of Groups

We over-estimate what we can do in one year and we under-estimate what we can do in 20 years.”  I remember hearing Rick...

Helping People Find the Right Group

I love it when people tell me that their small group feels like home!

Free Resource: Best Bible Study Methods

"This lesson focuses on preparing your materials -- and yourself -- to get into God's Word."

Ed Stetzer Calls Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey’s Abortion Pin ‘Heartbreaking’

On Tuesday, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey tweeted a photo of himself wearing a pin from Planned Parenthood that read “ABORTION" as a part of his attire for the State of the Union address.

Dale Sellers: There Is Hope and Help for Pastors Who Feel...

Dale Sellers joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share warning signs that pastors are stalling out and the truths and practical steps that will help them thrive again.

Small Group Leaders